Misc. scenes of summer

  • Awake at sunrise time again

  • Opening

    Forest walking

  • Heap of shiny

    At Nuutajärvi glass factory

  • Pause

    Summer cottage life

  • Food. Stop.


  • Jazz City

    Visiting Turku

  • Brunch

    In Vallila Popup Cafe

  • Study in green

    Verna in the grass

  • Feels like it

    At Regatta

  • Goose neck

    At Helsinki Distillery

  • Had to get up

    Sunrise at 3:30 a.m

  • In progress

    Walking in Sompasaari

  • Kallioinen

    Street scene in Kallio

  • My turn

    Restaurant Day in Karhupuisto

Whoops, long time no posts. Well here’s a quick catch-up from various places during May – August 2017. No particular theme in here, just bunch of things.


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