From the archives: Trans-Siberian Railway

  • Restaurant

  • DSC_3826_16107

    Stone man building platform at Omsk

  • Junan keittiohenkilokunta ostoksilla Krasnojarskin asemalla

    Train cook getting supplies at Krasnojarsk station

  • Hollantilaiset kuluttavat aikaa junan kaytavalla

    Travelin ladies from Holland

  • Far Out!

    Far Out! Finally at the hostel in Irkutsk

  • Shakki vaan jatkuu, ensimmaiset venalaiset teet juotu

    Chess and tsaj

  • Runsaasti tavaraa matkalla itaan

    Trader caravan at Moscow station

  • Kaupankayntia asemapysahdyksella Balyezinossa

    Trading at Balyezino station

  • Ratapihalla Balyezinossa

    Platform walk at sunny Balyezino

  • Kaupantekoa Omskin asemalla

    Shopping at Omsk station

  • Vaunujen pyorien kunto tarkastetaan vasaralla kilauttamalla Omskin asemalla

    Checking the wheels at Omsk station

Continuing my archive postings from the backbacking trip from Helsinki to Hong Kong through Siberia and China in 2005, here are photos from the four days along the Trans-Siberian railway route from Moscow to Irkutsk. Mostly just idling and watching the Siberian plain scenery pass by. Intermediate stops at the stations only lasted about half an hour, so no chance to see the cities. The essence of traveling, I’d say.


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